Droplets To Ripples began in 2014 when the founder, JoAnne Fowler, decided to form a ministry that focused on motivating, challenging and encouraging women with Gods Words. This was not the beginning of ministering to women for her, but the beginning of making a full time commitment to it.


As she began to share her women’s ministry idea’s with other ladies in her church, Kelly Bivins and Stacie Lewis expressed that they too had been feeling drawn to give more of their time to ministering to women as well. Both Kelly and Stacie, were not new to JoAnne or to ministry. As associate pastor wives for many years, she knew their hearts and their passions first hand. With that, Droplets To Ripples was born.


All three ladies have both writing and speaking experience and decided to put all their skills to work. You can click on the photo’s to the right to learn more about each speaker and their readily available topics for speaking engagements. The ministry, however, is not just about speaking but reaching women right where they are, when they are available. You will find them in a variety of social media streams such as Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress. Be sure to join in the conversations in whatever venue you participate in.


We are excited about what God has in store for us and you. Join us on this journey and lets make a difference for women for Christ sake


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